Unlike most hotel management companies, every executive and manager at Bandera Hospitality’s Home Office has worked in line-level and managerial positions at the property level. Having walked in the shoes of our team members, we understand their motivations, desires and needs; which translates into credibility and mutual respect. Having the unique perspective and experience of employee, hotel owner, and third-party operator, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t in the hospitality industry. Our competitive advantage is “partnering” with property owners, working together to ensure their goals are met in the circumstances of current economic conditions. 

Founded in January 2001 by Larry Broughton, Anaheim-based broughtonHOTELS(Bandera’s parent company) is an innovative hospitality management, consulting and development organization that breaks the industry mold. From the front door to the bottom line, the company exceeds client expectations, carefully positioning, aggressively marketing and providing the highest standards to guests and patrons. In 2006, broughton formed Bandera Hospitality to capitalize on the growing needs and opportunities of our clients and to fully utilize the talented group of superstars that make up the company. Bandera Hospitality specializes in the operation of branded, franchised and select independent hotels which make up the vast majority of the marketplace. 

Hotels and restaurants are unlike any other asset or business. The prosperity of each property depends on the entire staff striving to exceed total guest satisfaction. Bandera Hospitality recognizes the connection between the way staff is treated and the way they, in turn, treat guests and patrons. The development of a motivated, enthusiastic staff leads to a fiercely loyal customer base—ultimately providing a profitable and sustainable business. 

Unlike companies that focus on the immediate bottom line, Bandera Hospitality takes aim on the future, measuring precisely each step along the path to significance. Bandera’s knowledge of the hospitality development market is extensive, and its distinguishing strengths of “leadership” and “thoroughness” complement the sound business principles and creative spirit that characterize Bandera Hospitality. This indicates more than success. It assures significance.